"Your partner in the field of production of tube and profile assemblies."

about us

Boltjes Group is a family and multinational company with a dynamically developing profile engaged in mechanical engineering. We have long-term experience in the field of tube and profile processing. Our company’s registered office is located in the Netherlands and our manufacturing site is in the Czech Republic.

Production of tube and profile assemblies

Boltjes Group engages in production of tube and profile assemblies from various metals such as steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminium. In addition to tube and profile bending, we also perform cutting, forming, welding, brazing, pressing and degreasing of them. The company’s activities also include forming of tube ends.

Tube bending

Thanks to our long-term experience in this field, Boltjes has developed a wide range of international clients. We bend tubes in small and medium series according to our client’s specifications. Feel free to contact us not only with your requirements regarding 2D and 3D bending, but also with requirements for high-precision bending of different shapes.

Tube and profile cutting

Apart from bending and other kinds of tube and profile processing, we also perform cutting of them. Thanks to fully automated CNC machines, we are able not only to cut the material with high precision but also to debur it at the same time.

Tube forming and tube end forming

Boltjes Group is a specialist in the field of tube forming. We can, for example, offer you tube and profile flaring, narrowing, chamfering, roll-beading or reducing and drilling (T-drill/Flow-drill).

Tube brazing

Thanks to a long-term cooperation with large international companies engaging in the field of heating technology and industrial cooling, Boltjes Group has acquired extensive experience in the field of copper, steel, stainless steel and aluminium tube brazing.

Profile bending

Apart from tube bending, Boltjes Group is your partner for profile bending as well. We have long-term experience in this field a have implemented several projects for the automotive and medical industries. Rectangular profiles for lorry tank brackets are one example of this.

Tube welding

Apart from bending and other kinds of tube processing, our company can offer complete welded assemblies. We perform manual or automatic tube welding as well as welding of steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

Product degreasing and cleaning

As part of its services, Boltjes Group offers various kinds of surface treatment such as galvanizing, chromium plating, CDC or powder coating.


Boltjes Group is proud of its long-term cooperation with leading companies in the field of the automotive and medical industries, heating technology and industrial cooling. We have implemented a wide range of projects together. We have included several examples on this page. Our sales managers are ready to provide you with detailed information about the activities performed by Boltjes Group and the options open to it.


Boltjes Serial Production relocated to the Deventer!

At the beginning of March, the head office of Boltjes Serial Production relocated to the beautiful town of Deventer, the history of which dates back to the 8th century. The most important local employer and also a client of ours is Nefit, a producer of heating...

Our new team member in Deventer

Our new team member in Deventer

We are pleased to announce that on 2nd April 2024 Tom Hadderingh has joined our team at Deventer as Sales Specialist. We are delighted that Tom has complemented our sales team and look forward to the challenges ahead 🤝.