PF 2023

12 / 2022

News August

8 / 2022

We welcomed Mr Hillebrand Boltjes – founder of BOLTJES GROUP – to our production plant at the end of August and gave a presentation of the latest news in the field of automation and robotisation of our production operations.

News July

7 / 2022

Last year we informed you of the commencement of refurbishment of the production plant in the Czech Republic, which has now been successfully completed. The aim of this refurbishment was to optimise operation of the Czech plant in order to create a pleasant working environment which would meet the needs and requirements of the employees both in the admin section and on the shop floor.

News June

6 / 2022

We purchased a new Peugeot Boxer van as part of the planned expansion of our company fleet.

News May

5 / 2022

Václav Kroutvar joined the Boltjes International team as Procurement Manager on 2 May 2022. We wish him much success and look forward to collaboration within the framework of the BOLTJES GROUP.

News April 2022: New employees in the Boltjes Group

4 / 2022

Two key employees with extensive experience joined our team on 1 April 2022. Erwin van Voorst in the capacity of Inside Sales Representative, who will primarily be working at Boltjes Serial Production bv (Ermelo, NL) and Mrs Hana Svobodová who has taken on the position of Head of Technical Inspection at Boltjes International (Červený Kostelec ČR). We look forward to working together with them and are certain that both of our new colleagues will contribute towards fulfilling the strategy of the BOLTJES GROUP.

News February

2 / 2022

A new fully electric CSM65 bending machine with automatic stacker, which is equipped with feature for detection of the seam position on the input material, arrived at the Czech branch of BOLTJES GROUP during the first week of February. The bending machine has been designed to achieve max. R360 mm.

News January

1 / 2022

An overhaul of two EMS forming machines (12 t and 14 t) was performed in January. This marked the start of implementation of our plan to purchase new technologies with the aim of achieving the highest possible (and reasonable) level of automation and implementation of robotics in production and maintaining flexibility in meeting the market expectations of our clients.

PF 2022

12 / 2021

News November

11 / 2021

Boltjes Group is moving to the latest level of product identification. Apart from printing of existing labels, QR codes, barcodes and so on, the unique Honeywell technology allows for implementation of data matrix codes, logos or other images according to internal customer requirements in various sizes and with the option of print automation. This concerns multi-dimensional printing for production, logistics, storage and distribution to the end customer.

News October

10 / 2021

The pupils of class 9 at the Dr. Hejna primary school in Česká Skalice made a visit to the plant on 5 October 2021. The pupils were able to try out simple machine operations for themselves (under professional supervision) and the first potential applicants started to express an interest in part-time work in the company.

News September

9 / 2021

New pylon light and sign in Czech manufacturing plant

News September

9 / 2021

BOLTJES GROUP has once again succeeded in acquiring the IATF 16949 certificate. This means that the company complies with the highest system requirements of the automotive industry.

Modernisation of our manufacturing plant

7 / 2021

BOLTJES GROUP has started the modernisation of its manufacturing plant in the Czech Republic. This concerns the renewal and considerable extension of the administrative and sanitary facilities. The entire project includes a reconstruction of the car park, relocation of the compressors, alteration of the paintwork and marking of the building. The reason for this is the insufficient capacity for the expansion of the team of employees and interiors, the level of which is not up to the standard of the products produced in the factory. The whole project was commenced in July and is expected to be completed in Q1 2022.

News April

4 / 2021

We were nominated for a new project for bending and forming of stainless steel tubes, which are part of the fuel feed system of the new Audi platform in April 2021.

The iconic VW Camper Van will be taking to the streets again

3 / 2021

Boltjes Group has succeeded in landing a new project for mass production of bent tubes for the Volkswagen ID.Buzz. This electric van by Volkswagen will be bringing the legendary icon that is the VW Camper Van back to the future.

Coronavirus testing at Boltjes International

3 / 2021

Coronavirus testing at Boltjes International. We have arranged regular testing of our employees in compliance with the Government Resolution of 1 March 2021. We would like to thank Edumed s r.o. which performs antigen testing on our premises in Červený Kostelec on a weekly basis.


2 / 2021

New project for Belimo

2 / 2021

By pre-mounting piping to the valve, Belimo creates a "plug and play" solution that results in shorter lead times in projects. Belimo only works with renowned brands, whereby each customized product that is reported as finished is carefully tested for functionality and leak-tightness before delivery. This minimizes failure costs during implementation in the project

New project for Hyundai cars

1 / 2021

Boltjes Group has expanded its current portfolio of OEM customers to include another automotive brand – we have been producing parts for the end customer Hyundai within the framework of a tube end forming project since the end of 2020.

PF 2021

12 / 2020

Prototype parts for Renault cars

11 / 2020

We have successfully manufactured prototype parts for the cooling system of Renault cars, which constitutes another addition to the existing portfolio of car manufacturers which use our products.


10 / 2020

The EDUCATION of BOLTJES EMPLOYEES project is co-financed by the European Union.

3D printing in Boltjes Group

9 / 2020

3D printing speeds up the development of new products for our customers. BOLTJES GROUP is extensively replacing conventional machining of tools with 3D printing performed in its own production facility. This consequently speeds up the whole process of prototype development enormously.

Collaboration between Boltjes International and NADKOV

8 / 2020

Collaboration between Boltjes International and NADKOV

Head of production

7 / 2020

Head of production: Boltjes Group has stabilised the internal situation and adapted to a considerable slump in sales. Several organisational changes have taken place, effective as of 1 July 2020, with the aim of providing the maximum possible support to the sales segment. Part of these changes is the fact that Mr Tomáš Prosa has taken up the position of Head of Production, effective as of 1.7.2020. We look forward to the cooperation with our new colleague.

News June

6 / 2020

MAN lorries & We help

News May

5 / 2020

Development in the field of heat exchangers and collaboration with Belimo and KZ.

New Volkswagen Transporter

4 / 2020

New Volkswagen Transporter: Boltjes International has produced prototypes of bent tubes for the rear door frame within the framework of new projects (VW T7 Project).

New Sales Manager in Boltjes Group

3 / 2020

Christiaan van der Sar, who will primarily be working for Boltjes Serial Production bv (Ermelo, NL), will be taking up the position of Senior Sales Manager in our team starting 1 March 2020. Christiaan has extensive professional experience and is well known to many of our customers. After gaining some work experience in the manufacturing branch in March, he will “get stuck into” his work. We look forward to cooperation with Christiaan and would like to welcome him to the team in Boltjes Group.

We support the Agnes of Bohemia Hospice in Červený Kostelec

2 / 2020

Last week, we attended a ceremony during which a new assistance vehicle was presented to the Agnes of Bohemia Hospice in Červený Kostelec. We are glad that our company was able to contribute financially towards purchasing of this vehicle.

New project for MAN lorries

1 / 2020

As far as new projects are concerned, we have been awarded a contract for prototypes (profile bending) for MAN lorries.

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