New project for Hyundai cars

1 / 2021

Boltjes Group has expanded its current portfolio of OEM customers to include another automotive brand – we have been producing parts for the end customer Hyundai within the framework of a tube end forming project since the end of 2020.

PF 2021

12 / 2020

Prototype parts for Renault cars

11 / 2020

We have successfully manufactured prototype parts for the cooling system of Renault cars, which constitutes another addition to the existing portfolio of car manufacturers which use our products.


10 / 2020

The EDUCATION of BOLTJES EMPLOYEES project is co-financed by the European Union.

3D printing in Boltjes Group

9 / 2020

3D printing speeds up the development of new products for our customers. BOLTJES GROUP is extensively replacing conventional machining of tools with 3D printing performed in its own production facility. This consequently speeds up the whole process of prototype development enormously.

Collaboration between Boltjes International and NADKOV

8 / 2020

Collaboration between Boltjes International and NADKOV

Head of production

7 / 2020

Head of production: Boltjes Group has stabilised the internal situation and adapted to a considerable slump in sales. Several organisational changes have taken place, effective as of 1 July 2020, with the aim of providing the maximum possible support to the sales segment. Part of these changes is the fact that Mr Tomáš Prosa has taken up the position of Head of Production, effective as of 1.7.2020. We look forward to the cooperation with our new colleague.

June news

6 / 2020

MAN lorries & We help

May news

5 / 2020

Development in the field of heat exchangers and collaboration with Belimo and KZ.

New Volkswagen Transporter

4 / 2020

New Volkswagen Transporter: Boltjes International has produced prototypes of bent tubes for the rear door frame within the framework of new projects (VW T7 Project).

New Sales Manager in Boltjes Group

3 / 2020

Christiaan van der Sar, who will primarily be working for Boltjes Serial Production bv (Ermelo, NL), will be taking up the position of Senior Sales Manager in our team starting 1 March 2020. Christiaan has extensive professional experience and is well known to many of our customers. After gaining some work experience in the manufacturing branch in March, he will “get stuck into” his work. We look forward to cooperation with Christiaan and would like to welcome him to the team in Boltjes Group.

We support the Agnes of Bohemia Hospice in Červený Kostelec

2 / 2020

Last week, we attended a ceremony during which a new assistance vehicle was presented to the Agnes of Bohemia Hospice in Červený Kostelec. We are glad that our company was able to contribute financially towards purchasing of this vehicle.

New project for MAN lorries

1 / 2020

As far as new projects are concerned, we have been awarded a contract for prototypes (profile bending) for MAN lorries.

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