Production of tube and profile assemblies

Automotive industry

Boltjes Group has been cooperating with leading manufacturers in the automotive industry for many years. It is quite likely that parts delivered by our company were also used to produce your car. Among other things, we deliver tube components for battery cooling for BMW car vent pipes, tubes for BMW motorcycle frames and profile support components for Rolls-Royce Ghost dashboards. In addition to this, we ensure deliveries of tubes or profiles with various applications for Audi, Daimler, VW, Jaguar, DAF, MAN and Scania. We are proud of the fact that products delivered by our company are used by the best car manufacturers in the world.

Boltjes Group has been a holder of the ISO/TS 16949 certificate since 2011 switching to the IATF 16949 certificate in 2018. This certificate can be found in the quality section.

Heating technology and industrial cooling

Our products end up in the best engineering products in the world: boilers by BOSCH (Nefit + Buderus), INTERGAS and ATAG.

Stainless steel tube and profile forming is a special field requiring a specific production process and special tools. Boltjes Group possesses extensive experience in stainless steel forming for the automotive sector. More and more manufacturers in the field of heating technology are also using stainless steel instead of copper. This relates to the longer life-time and superior properties of stainless steel. These companies approach us as specialists in the field of forming of such materials with job orders like this.

Specific production process: Stainless steel forming requires a specific production process and special tools because the structure of this material is much harder and more rigid than copper or aluminium. We form tubes and profiles from stainless steel using tools which have been specially modified to resist wear and tear. The forming itself is performed on our regular machines as a specific production process.

Medical industry

Boltjes Group has been active as a supplier for the medical industry for some time. We produce components and sub-assemblies, mainly for hospital beds. We can assure our clients that our products comply with all requirements and standards regarding the use of medical devices. Thanks to the support offered by our technical department to our clients’ design and development departments, we are able to provide drafts of technical solutions. This is one of the reasons why Boltjes Group has become one of the strategic suppliers to the Czech company Linet, which is one of leading global manufacturers of medical devices and has earned its reputation in particular thanks to the original design of its hospital beds as well as the high level of quality and facilities it offers.

Despite the fact that the volume of deliveries for the medical industry is stable, the automotive industry, heating technology and industrial cooling remain the most important branches for us.

Other industries

Apart from the automotive, medical and heating industries, Boltjes Group also delivers its products to other fields of industry.

Some examples of these are Geberit sanitary installations, components for Ravak bathrooms, parts of Stiebel Eltron kitchen appliances and recently also welded profiles for the mining industry for Columbus McKinnon.

Other potential fields of industry present no problem to us and we are ready to work on specific project solutions together with you.


Boltjes Group is proud of its long-term cooperation with leading companies in the field of the automotive and medical industries, heating technology and industrial cooling. We have implemented a wide range of projects together. We have included several examples on this page. Our sales managers are ready to provide you with detailed information about the activities performed by Boltjes Group and the options open to it.