News April 2018


At the beginning of March 2018, Boltjes International spol. s r.o., located in Červený Kostelec (Czech Republic), successfully installed a new 4-Runner, a fully automated complex machine which processes materials from a motorised coil unwinder.

The process consists of 4 operations – straightening, forming, bending and cutting. The first phase of the robotisation and automatisation plan was started for the 35% of the manufacturing portfolio suitable for this change.



News October 2017


Over the course of 2017, Boltjes International started delivering bent profiles for the new generation Ford Fiesta car seats. In doing so we have extended the wide existing portfolio of vehicles which we deliver our products for.

News September 2017


A few days ago, we installed a new automatic soldering machine for aluminium tubes and components in our manufacturing plant, which has enabled us to extend our technological possibilities in the production. We will use this machine to solder evaporator tubes for the lorry manufacturer DAF.

News August 2017


In July 2017, Boltjes International received and performed a job order for prototypes of bent profiles for the new Mercedes G series. This order enabled us to extend the wide existing portfolio of cars which we supply our products for.

Into another quarter century with Boltjes


Boltjes celebrated 25th anniversary of existence on the Czech market last year. Boltjes has also managed to achieve a strong position on foreign markets and has been exporting its products to more than 15 countries over the past 25 years. We hope that the company will continue to do well during the next twenty-five.

Only a few people remember everything the company has gone through and all its endeavours in our region. Only 10-12 employees were working on the premises of the former Elitex gear factory under the management of the long-term director Mr Novák in January 1998. Boltjes used the machinery that was available and affordable at that time (see figure), production was often very basic – however, simpler products were manufactured back then as compared to these days and the company started to need more room for its expanding production.

Construction of a new hall in the current industrial zone between Elitex and the former foundry was commenced at that time. As soon as the combine harvesters had harvested the crops, utility lines were prepared and the industrial zone in Červený Kostelec was established.

A new production programme came hand in hand with new premises, the number of workers increased and machinery was modernised. The parent company in Amersfoort Netherlands ensured the production programme and products from Červený Kostelec were delivered to the Dutch market, mostly to manufacturers of gas boilers such as Nefit, Intergas and Atag. The number of contracts continued to increase and company management decided to build another hall, which was approved in 2003, which represented an increase in production space by two thirds.

Company management started to also focus on the domestic market in 2005 and the commercial relations were established with Autopal Nový Jičín – a supplier to leading European car manufacturers such as BMW, Ford and so on.  This cooperation is successfully continuing to this very day. Thanks to this partnership, more workers could be taken on and considerable funds were invested into new machinery. This step proved to be very important during the economic crisis. Not only was there no slump in production as was the case with production of parts for gas boilers, but there was actually an increase in production which made it possible for the company to survive the crisis without serious damage.

Nowadays, it is a matter of prestige for each and every engineering company to produce goods for the automotive industry. Boltjes has gained a good reputation in this production segment, which is proven by other projects with many automotive companies focused on production of many parts ranging from brake components to unique parts for electric cars and hybrid engines for BMW, PORSCHE, VW, AUDI and so on. In relation to enhancement of the customer portfolio, it was necessary to create a quality management system which was first certified in 2005 according to the ISO 9001 standard and then in 2010 according to the ISO/TS 16949 standard for suppliers to the automotive industry.

Changes in the Dutch Boltjes company, administration of which was taken over by Czech management, contributed to improvement of business activities. New contracts started to come in from old customers who “burned their fingers” on the Asian markets and who now appreciate good quality and timeliness of deliveries from Czech companies.

Benteler is one of prestigious companies which started cooperating with Boltjes and for which Boltjes produces parts for Audi cars and BMW motorcycle frames. Boltjes also delivers parts for Bobcat construction equipment; the monthly volume of these deliveries amounts to tens of thousands of parts.

New parts for cooling sections of the BMW i8, i3 and other hybrid or electric cars are being tested in collaboration with HANON. Prototypes for the new model of Porsche Panamera and others are currently being produced.

In the field of medical equipment, Boltjes can boast cooperation with the largest producer of modern hospital beds, Linet, to which it delivers components for positionable beds, which is also a matter of patriotic importance for Boltjes.

Another example is the German company Geberit, well known not only thanks to its products for bathrooms and toilets but also sanitary systems for high-rise buildings. To see application of these products in practice, why not visit Broumov Monastery and check out the modern heat distribution system. This excursion focused on Boltjes products can be combined with a pleasant cultural experience.

Boltjes uses state-of-the-art machinery from well-known West-European manufacturers. The machinery includes EMS machines from France, MEWAG from Switzerland, BLM from Italy, MOTOMAN robotic welding, washing technologies from the Czech producer SUMMA, BEWO cutting machines from the Netherlands and also old Veenex bending machines of the same origin. In the future, Boltjes will be investing in new and more modern machinery to be able to provide a wider range of services and also a higher level of quality than has been the case until now. Robotisation and automation are an integral part of the machinery development plan, which can increase the effectiveness of the current production portfolio by 35%.


Boltjes is currently taking on new CNC machine setters and production operators. Send your CVs to, or visit the company’s registered office at Lhota 376, 549 41 Červený Kostelec. The contact person, Ester Sichrovská, will be happy to answer your questions on tel.: 491 467 083.