News January 2019


We would like to inform you that Mr Enno Smid, who is coming to us from a renowned global company, will be taking up the position of Director of our Dutch branch Boltjes Serial Production, effective as of 1 February 2019. Enno’s long-term experience in a similar managerial position and his work ethic should help support the planned expansion of our sales network in future. On behalf of the whole team, we would like to wish him the greatest of success and look forward to collaboration with him.

News December 2018


A contract for cooperation in the field of R&D (Research & Development) and technical support between Boltjes International and NADKOV was signed in December. The aim of sharing and utilisation of the latest scientific and technical knowledge in mechanical engineering and mutual cooperation in resolution of scientific and technical tasks is to increase the company’s research, development and manufacturing capacity. We look forward to long-term cooperation with NADKOV.

News November 2018: PROMO VIDEO


We let you know that we were preparing something interesting at the end of May and it is now our great pleasure to share with you our new promo video. Would you like to know what our company does? In our video, we will show you the final products which we supply components for, details from our manufacturing plant in Červený Kostelec, the head office of the Boltjes Group in the Netherlands and much more. Enjoy watching the video!

News November 2018: Sponsoring

Thanks to the results of the work performed by the whole team in our company, we have been able to provide a financial contribution towards home hospice care provided by Domácí hospic Duha, o.p.s in Hořice. Their team of qualified professionals provides care to terminally ill people in their home environment without any support by medical insurance companies. We also provided a financial contribution to the talented young players of the TJ Baník Rtyně football team. This support is mainly intended for young players from low-income families. We hope to ensure that each and every child has the opportunity to play football regardless of their parents’ financial situation. Thanks to all our employees.

News October 2018


The Head of Production Engineering at Boltjes Group travelled to Taiwan last week to take receipt in person of a new CSM bending machine for tubes and profiles with a diameter of up to 18 mm. The machine was manufactured on the basis of special technical requirements. This is a hybrid 5-axis bending machine with a special design, equipped with fully-automatic part loading performed by means of a feeder and unloading performed by means of a three-axis robotic arm. The state-of-the-art concept of the machine, together with the above-mentioned equipment, increases manufacturing productivity and product quality. The CSM bending machine is intended for production of the same components as the new bending machine installed at the end of August 2018 – see News August 2018.