News October 2019


Mr Jaromír Havel, a long-serving employee, who works for our company as a setter of state-of-the-art CNC machines, has been awarded a plaque by the Czech Red Cross in acknowledgement of his regular and unpaid donations of blood and blood plasma. In the 35 years since his first donation, Jaromír has given blood an incredible 250 times. Congratulations.

News July 2019


A meeting of BOLTJES GROUP employees and their families from all over Europe took place at the TJ Sokol Havlovice sports ground on Saturday, 29 June 2019. The weather was lovely, the whole day was filled with sporting events and there were mini golf, basketball, football and ping-pong competitions as well as other activities. We would like to thank all of our employees for coming to enjoy this day together.

News May 2019


Boltjes has succeeded in landing a contract for another project for mass production of bent tubes for MAN lorries. This means another addition to an already extensive list of car manufacturers for which we produce parts in our plant.

Boltjes Serial Ermelo


Almost zero energy consumption from the mains!

We set a good example for others – our offices are not connected to the gas distribution network and there are 300 solar panels producing electricity on the roof of our building.

This probably won’t be anything special in ten years’ time and by 2050 all of us will be doing it: we will manage without a connection to the gas mains both at home and at work. Let’s use electric cars as an example. They were something quite extraordinary five years ago. Our customers used to ask us back then if they would be able to use our power socket when they came, because otherwise they would not be able to get home. It is a different story these days. There are several charging stations outside our building. And after an eight-hour working day, the electric cars are recharged and ready to go. Can such rapid progress be achieved in offices without a connection to the gas mains?

We must deal with the issue of climate change for the sake of global sustainability

Opinions as to exactly what sustainability means vary, but there is one thing that everybody agrees on. Minimisation of energy consumption, high-quality insulation, roof-mounted solar panels – every company that produces a sufficient amount of energy on its roof is investing in our future and the future of our children.

Sustainability in practice is much more complicated

We believe that all this is possible in practice. To prove this, our offices have been built in the most sustainable way possible. It is a sort of experiment. We believe in sustainable development and our offices are a sort of example and proof of the fact that our company is taking things seriously. We think that if you believe in something, you have to put it into practice.


Design and operation of our offices complies with sustainable development

Firstly, we are not connected to the gas mains. Underfloor heating is installed in our offices, heated using a heat pump. Our ventilation system contains a recuperation unit which enables us to utilise residual heat. We use LED lighting, we have in-house charging stations for electric cars and 300 solar panels for our own use.

We have been a “green company” for several years and we prove this by our constant efforts to ensure that the gauges of our electricity and gas meters show zero all the time. However, it is also a great help to us that our office is situated in a modern, very well insulated building and not an old building where there is a constant draft. We are proud of being able to work and live in an energy-efficient and sustainable manner. We really do try our best to ensure a zero reading on our electricity and gas meters and we do not have a connection to the gas mains.

Complete energy self-sufficiency is not realistic, even for us. However, our net energy consumption is almost zero.  Which offices can currently say that they operate on a more energy-efficient level?

News April 2019

This month, Boltjes International provided a financial donation towards the activities of the “Hadářek” children’s folklore troupe based in Červený Kostelec. The troupe successfully represents the region at folklore festivals and other cultural events all over the country. At present, the troupe consists of approximately 50 children and strives to preserve the folklore legacy of the Krkonoše and Orlice regions. Hadářek commemorates folk songs, dances, rhymes and folk customs in its performances.