A meeting of BOLTJES GROUP employees and their families from all over Europe took place at the TJ Sokol Havlovice sports ground on Saturday, 29 June 2019. The weather was lovely, the whole day was filled with sporting events and there were mini golf, basketball, football and ping-pong competitions as well as other activities. We would like to thank all of our employees for coming to enjoy this day together.

Boltjes has succeeded in landing a contract for another project for mass production of bent tubes for MAN lorries. This means another addition to an already extensive list of car manufacturers for which we produce parts in our plant.


  • Boltjes Group


    For several leading car manufacturers in Europe we bend tubes.

  • Boltjes Group


    The products of the Boltjes Group meet requirements and standards for use i.e. in the medical industry.

  • Boltjes Group

    Heating and cooling

    Years of experience in the production of complete assemblies directly suitable for your assembly line.

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    Other Industries

    Our strength lies in the production of small to medium series (6-65mm dia). Together with you we provide custom-made products!