This year is the 25 th anniversary of the establishment of Boltjes International and that is a reason to celebrate. “We would not have achieved our current position without our employees’ commitment to their work,” says Jiří Miler, the company’s authorised signatory. “Our people are the driving force behind the company and a great motivation.”
Boltjes International specialises in production of pipe and profile systems made of steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminium, in particular in their bending and forming. Furthermore, it produces sets of tubes »»»


Two great colleagues left us forever in August 2016 – Petr Tyl (†54) and Petr Marek (†63). “Everybody in BOLTJES GROUP has been deeply touched by this”, said Ivor Poprach, Executive Director of the company. “It has hit us all the more because both gentlemen were true professionals in their field and above all – friendly, decent and good people. They will remain a great part of our company’s history forever and nothing will ever change that fact.”



Mr. P. Mach – Strategic buyer LINET spol. s r.o.

“We are cooperating with Boltjes International Ltd. for several years and we are definitely a satisfied customer. Company Boltjes is one of our best rated suppliers, especially thanks to precise and quality supply. If this trend continues, we believe in a mutually beneficial and especially long-term cooperation.”

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  • Boltjes Group


    For several leading car manufacturers in Europe we bend tubes.

  • Boltjes Group


    The products of the Boltjes Group meet requirements and standards for use i.e. in the medical industry.

  • Boltjes Group

    Heating and cooling

    Years of experience in the production of complete assemblies directly suitable for your assembly line.

  • Boltjes Group

    Other Industries

    Our strength lies in the production of small to medium series (6-65mm dia). Together with you we provide custom-made products!