Production of tube and profile assemblies

Boltjes Group - your partner in the field of production of tube and profile assemblies

We engage in production of tube and profile assemblies from various metals such as steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminium. Apart from tube and profile bending we also perform cutting, forming, welding, brazing, pressing and degreasing of them. Our activities also include forming of tube ends.

We also offer various product finishing operations such as chrome plating, galvanizing or powder coating. Our particular strength is production of small and medium-scale series with a tube diameter of 6 mm to 65 mm and profile measurements of up to 70 x 50 mm. Our products are in particular used by leading companies (OEM) in the automotive and medical industries, as well as those in the field of heating, cooling and sanitary technology.

We create state-of-the-art technical solutions for all industries.

Boltjes Group also produces various sub-assemblies for the medical industry such as components for hospital beds or wheelchairs for disabled people. Companies engaged in the field of heating technology and industrial cooling have been approaching us for several years with enquiries about tubes for central heating. We deliver both individual parts and complete assemblies: Boltjes Group is the right partner for you in the field of tube processing.

We produce components for the automotive industry, which are part of state-of-the-art cooling systems in BMW e-cars and Volkswagen platforms. Other examples are steel tube segments for AUDI, components for BMW X-series vehicles, pressed dashboard profiles for Rolls-Royce cars, aluminium damper bodies for TESLA and brake Bowden-cable tube segments for the MINI COOPER brake system. A chapter in its own right is constituted by all of the tube components for BMW motorcycle frames. It is very likely that parts delivered by Boltjes Group have been used for production of your car. 

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