Tube/steel degreasing

Surface treatments like chrome, ultrasonic cleaning, tube / steel degreasing are part of our services.

Tube / steel degreasing is also part of our services. The Boltjes Group offers various finishing’s such as chrome. galvanizing or powder coating. We also offer ultrasonic cleaning and tube / steel degreasing.

The following is used for degreasing steel / tubes and cleaning the components:

Summa WIR 4H-900/OSK

Degreasing drum machine – up to 50 kg of material in one cycle, washing + rinsing + drying processes can be freely combined in one cycle.

Passivation: This is a metal surface treatment at which the material is treated with nitric acid and then cleaned under high pressure. Goal is to bring on or bring back a natural oxide layer. The durability of the product will be ensured.