Tube Bending

The Boltjes Group the perfect partner for tube bending.

Thanks to many years of experience in tube bending the Boltjes Group has been able to build up an extensive international clientele.In accordance with the specifications of our customers we bend tubes in small to medium series in the diameter of 6 to 65 millimeters. You can contact us for 2D bending, 3D bending and free form bending. With a high accuracy we can bend tubes in almost any shape.

Tube bending is carried out on the following machines:Mewag RB 15 M CNC Option for bending on two tools in one cycle, diameter of the FE material maximum 15 x 1, CU max. 18 x 1.Mewag RB 25 MD CNC Automatic material stacker, rotary bending head, option of bending on up to 4 tools in one cycle, option of bending from right to left and from left to right in one cycle, diameter of the FE material maximum 25 x 2.5.

Mewag FK 42 CNC Automatic material stacker, option for automatic cutting, diameter of the material maximum FE 65 x 3.

Veenex CNC 3/ TB Universal machine, diameter of the FE material maximum 28 x 2, CU max. 32 x 1.5.

BLM Planet T3 CNC The machine is modified for bending from rolls, automatic cutting and deburring, bending without a triblet, option for forming with up to four lifts, diameter of the CU material maximum 18 x 1.

Veenex UNIFLEX NC-1 Simple bending machine, usually used for singular tube bending.

Veenstra FLEXOBEND 20 Simple bending machine, used for singular tube bending.