Automotive references

Our parts are used in the best engineering products in the world

BMW – cooling for hybrid and electric cars
BMW – motorcycle frames
AUDI – parts in the new car platform
MERCEDES BENZ – head restraints
Rolls-Royce – centre console holders
VW GROUP – cooling for hybrid and electric cars
Mini Cooper – brake system components
DAF/VOLVO/SCANIA – tank holders


Bended tubes Boltjes in the Rolls-Royce

The Boltjes Group has a longstanding cooperation with leading companies in the automotive. It is quite possible that in your car parts of the Boltjes Group are used. For example we supply bended steel tubes with turned parts for the BMW X series, components for the dashboard of the Rolls-Royce Ghost and we bent tubes for the braking system of the MINI Cooper. We feel honored to contribute to products of world’s best car manufacturers.

Since early 2011 Boltjes International is also an ISO/TS 16949 certified company. You can download the certificate on our quality page.

Medical references

Boltjes supplier for the medical and health-care industry


Our parts are used in the best engineering products in the world:
LINET – bed frame parts
SECA – wheelchair frame, XXXL scale frames

The medical industry knows us for quite some time now. We produce pipe parts and/or welded sets for them for wheel-chairs, stair lifts, chair-scales and hospital beds. We are very proud that our products meet the highest standards for the use in these health-care equipments. Thanks to help of our engineering department to our clients´ developers and designers we provide more than just bended pipes. It is one of the reasons why we have became one of the strategic suppliers of Czech company Linet – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of health-care equipment known especially by its original design of hospital beds.

Continuous grow of supplies to medical industry is registered during past two years. However, heating, cooling and automotive industries are still our major sectors.

Heating and cooling references

Stainless steel-processing a profession on its own

Our parts are used in the best engineering products in the world:

Growing number of assignments heating market: The processing of stainless steel tubes and profiles is an art on its own. It requires a specific production process and special tools . Boltjes Group has extensive experience in the stainless steel operations for the automotive sector. For the heating industry we also carrying out increasingly more stainless steel operations. International Sales Manager Darwin Klaver tells more. “More and more manufacturers in the heating industry make the switch from copper to stainless steel,” tells Darwin Klaver. “This has to do with the price stability and durability of stainless steel.” As a specialist in stainless steel processing, we are increasingly asked for such assignments.”

Specific production process: “Processing of stainless steel requires a specific production process and custom-made tools ,” explains Darwin Klaver. ” Stainless steel has a much harder and firmer structure than copper and aluminum . We manufacture the stainless steel tubes and profiles with tools that have undergone a special anti –wear and tear treatment. The processing itself takes place on our regular machines , according to a specific production process.”

Other Industries references

Proud of our completed projects!

Other industries

Our parts are used in the best engineering products in the world:

The Boltjes Group is proud of the longstanding cooperation with leading companies in the automotive, medical, heating and cooling industry. Together we have worked out many projects. We worked out a specific project for parts for petrol stations. This product is specific to its larger dimensions, so we made several adjustments to our machinery and we have developed special pre-formed mold sets. For the Boltjes Group this is not a problem, we like to be challenged to work out with you unique project solutions.